Health Benefits of Tea

Tea is one of the most popular and loved beverage all over the world since thousands of years.  It's been the part of many cultures around the world. The benefits of tea to our body are manifold as tea is packed with antioxidants useful to us.

A cup of tea is the best way antioxidize your whole body. Tea is not just good for your mental health it is also beneficial for heart and other organs too. It not just increases your metabolism but also helps in keeping your skin acne free. It can provide the replacement of coffee but without the high on caffeine making you less jittery and help you in getting sound sleep you want. We all know there are different kinds of tea all around the world. What we don't know is different teas differ in terms of perks and drawbacks. Let's try to understand the difference between health benefits offered by various types of teas:

Black tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is known for its dark color when brewed. This tea has high oxidization level than others which sum up to its stronger and long-lasting taste. It is one of the most common form of tea. There are several benefits for the black tea- It can aid the digestive system, it has anti-inflammatory effect on the body, act a SPF agent against the sunlight, helps in weight loss and prevent obesity. 

Green Tea is an unprocessed form of tea and that is the reason for its gentle color and taste. It has few stronger benefits in comparison to the black tea. Those who drink green tea daily are in lower risk to cancer this is because of the ingredient called polyphenols, which have number of benefits. It helps in reducing blood pressure and improves cholesterol level which protect against the heart diseases. It is even more powerful in maintain your weight and preventing obesity than black tea.

Oolong tea is originally grown in Fujian province, China. It is full of anti-oxidants that helps to boost up metabolism by 10% for around 2 hours of drinking it. It helps in the reduction of health problems such as heart diseases, inflammatory disorders, high cholesterol levels, it helps in superior bone structure and also it is very beneficial for dental health. Despite its caffeine content it is a very relaxing drink. This tea also has anti-cancer properties and is also helpful in the skin problems. Helps in managing blood sugar and prevent diabetes too.

Fermented tea is one of the most unique and complex tea type when considering its making. This tea is rich in probiotics. It also helps in the slowdown of digestion of sugar and it levels in the blood. This tea is one of the best digestive aid. It is the perfect replacement of the common probiotic rich food like yoghurt or cheese. It is very beneficial in improving immune system and boosting mental health also.

In nutshell if one wants a healthy body and wealthy mind and beautiful skin then welcome a cup of tea daily in your life.

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