About us


At Jarved, we believe that no one should settle for an ordinary cup of tea/coffee, specially when it is a staple worldwide. We stand true to our motto: Earth To Jar. We source our ingredients directly from certified organic farms.
Food and Wellness industry thrives on increasing the shelf life of products artificially by adding more chemicals. Jarved seeks to change that.  Our products are handcrafted and packaged in micro batches for premium freshness. Each garden we work with is on a mission of sustainability. We source from organic gardens only. Organic keeps pesticides and preservatives away and guarantees authenticity to your cup of tea and coffee. We source our products locally and they are 100% Natural- No Artificial Colors, no Artificial Fragrance and most importantly No Harmful Pesticides or Preservatives.



There are 2 types of people in the world-those who love caffeine and those who don't! We at Jarved make functional and delicious beverages for both! Having a fine cup of tea/coffee is like tasting a fine wine: You are appreciating the flavors that delight and appeal to your palate.
Across the world, Tea and Coffee take months to reach the end consumer due to Logistics, Middlemen and the Commodity mindset of companies. The process is cumbersome and the final products loose their freshness-Why you’d ask? For one simple reason:Till date, premium tea and coffee is grown in limited quantity because the effort and investments are huge. At Jarved, we source directly from the finest estates of Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiris and Himalayas to get you your fine cuppa!



As a customer of Jarved, you get access to the luxury of the finest teas and coffee of the world. When you choose a drink from our collection, you are appreciating the work of a fine artisan, someone who is passionate about growing organic products that taste impeccable. Not just this, but even our packaging is designed by fine art students who specialise in the lost art forms of our heritage- Madhubani, Kalamkari and more!


It all boils down to just two things- What does this Tea or Coffee do to me and how does it taste like? And that is the epicentre of all our products- Taste and Functionality. 
We take pride in holding a seasonally changing collection of over a 100+ teas and coffees from all parts of the world. A Japanese Matcha, a Columbian Espresso, a Turkish Delight, a Darjeeling Green or an Assam Bold, you name it and we have it.



We believe in disclosing the provenance of all our products. We tell you the finer details: the season, the batch number, the aroma, the taste, the picking date, the certifications and most importantly the experience that our products bring to you and why we chose to keep them in our collection. We are truly the pioneers of the third wave consumer movement.